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To What Extent Is Justice Blind? A Historical Analysis of the Uma Roberts v. Paul McGunn Case


The idea that justice is impartial is sometimes shown as a statue of a woman with veiled eyes but still holding a sword and a scale. This figure is known as the “Justice Is Blind” monument. The blindfold, scale, and sword signify objectivity, but the sword also stands for authority.

The premise of this line of reasoning is that the administration of justice ought to be carried out without considering the identities, socioeconomic standings, or any other qualities of any of the individuals involved.

On the other hand, events that have occurred in the past have demonstrated that this perfect condition of idealization is not always attained in actual practice. The trial of Uma Roberts v. Paul McGunn, which took place in Alabama in 1927, is widely regarded as one of the most infamous instances of this kind of case.

people protesting for justice


A white politician and lawyer in his forties called Paul McGunn recruited a young black woman named Uma Roberts, who was only 19 years old, to work as his maid. Uma Roberts’s full name was Paul McGunn employed Uma Roberts.

Roberts took legal action against McGunn on February 14, alleging that he had raped her while she was a guest at his home armed with a firearm. She went to the hospital for a checkup and also reported the occurrence to the police; the findings of both of these investigations showed that she had been the victim of a sexual assault.

McGunn refuted the charges and stated that Roberts was spreading false information about him to benefit financially from McGunn. McGunn added that Roberts was doing this to obtain financial advantage from McGunn.

In addition, he spreads rumors concerning Roberts, her family, and the relationships between them to terrify her and her family.

poster for women rights


The Jefferson County Circuit Court was the location where the hearings of the trial got underway on March 7, 1927. In this instance, the judge was James A. Heflin, who had previously served in the Senate and was known for being an outspoken advocate of segregation and racial superiority.

The jury was composed entirely of white males, and a few of them had already collaborated with McGunn in the past. In total, there were 12 white men on the panel. William J. Baxley, an Assistant District Attorney, was in charge of the prosecution then. Mr. Baxley had not been in the position for very long. The esteemed attorney and former member of Congress, John T. Morgan, served as the leader of the defense team throughout the case.

Discrimination, corruption, and even physical violence during the trial lasted for four days. The prosecution offered evidence in the form of testimony from Roberts’s physician and remarks from Roberts herself and her mother. The prosecution also presented evidence in the form of documents.

The legal team for the defense committed defamation against Roberts and her family by claiming that Roberts and her family were liars, thieves, and prostitutes. They referred to Roberts as a whore, as well. Both McGunn’s wife and daughter have issued statements in which they deny that he was there during the alleged rape of them and say that he is not responsible for what happened.

In addition, they presented the testimony of several witnesses who indicated that Roberts had a well-known reputation for being dishonest and sexually promiscuous.

On March 11, 1927, a decision was finally reached. The jury concluded that there was insufficient evidence to convict McGunn of any accusations brought against him. When Roberts and her family were being led out of the courthouse by armed guards, supporters of McGunn could be heard in the audience applauding and roaring for their candidate. Roberts and her family were assaulted by white males outside the courtroom.

The white guys used clubs and stones to attack Roberts and her family. As a result of his injuries, Roberts was sent to the hospital. In addition, they set fire not just to their vehicle but also to their home. The fact that Roberts and her family escaped the disaster without suffering injuries is nothing short of a miracle.

justice for only poors

The Consequences that It Will Have

People gathered in the streets around the country to show their dissatisfaction in reaction to the court case of Uma Roberts v. Paul McGunn. The case was a dispute between Uma Roberts and Paul McGunn. They demonstrated against what they saw as unfair treatment of Roberts and her family and requested that the federal government investigate the incident.

Conversely, regional and national authorities reacted against them with hatred and indifference to their cause. Roberts and her family were targeted in brutal attacks, but no one was ever imprisoned for their suffering.

In addition, the case left an indelible mark on Alabama’s judicial system and culture, which continues to this day. It brought to light the inadequacies in the legal system, namely those weaknesses that present themselves when dealing with power dynamics, racial dynamics, and gender dynamics. In addition, it brought attention to the idea that all women, regardless of race or ethnicity, who are victims of sexual assault, should be provided the same legal and cultural protections as white women.

This is something that has to be at the top of the list. As a result, many individuals were motivated to either take part in the civil rights movement or offer their support to it. This, in turn, ultimately helped the adoption of significant improvements that provided racial equality and justice.


One of the most horrible and sickening examples of how justice may be misdirected incorrectly in the case of Uma Roberts v. Paul McGunn. This lawsuit was brought about as a result of a dispute between the two parties.

It sheds light on how the judicial system is susceptible to being influenced by prejudice, corruption, and violence rather than facts, logic, and impartiality. It also sheds light on the short-term and long-term effects that the administration of justice can have on individuals and the communities in which they are located.

This situation brings up several extremely significant problems regarding the nature of justice, the procedure by which it is carried out, and the choices open to all individuals engaged in the fight.

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