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Following a public display of nudeness, police in India are under scrutiny

Manipur’s Horrific Incident Ignored for Too Long

Concerns have been raised about the authorities’ response to the horrible incident in which two women were stripped and paraded around the streets by a crowd of men in India’s Manipur state.

The incident took place on May 4; on Wednesday, a video spread like wildfire, eliciting outrage from people worldwide.

After receiving reports of gang rape, police launched their investigation on Thursday, when they made four arrests and said more would come.

People are curious why it took so long for authorities to respond, given that a report was filed mere days after the event, and many of the individuals are immediately recognized in the tape. Due to distressing material, prudence is suggested.

a woman with her family

Allegations of Police Inaction and Mafia Interference

The BBC has seen the formal complaint lodged by a relative of one of the women. The complaint includes the important allegation that mafia members stole the survivors from law enforcement. Police were present but “didn’t do anything to help them,” as two survivors said.

The police have not denied the charges, and unnamed officials have been quoted as saying the force was “outnumbered” in many media reports.

Since the violence began on May 3, police have received over 6,000 complaints, according to an unidentified senior government official who spoke to the BBC, and the “small size of Manipur police” may be to blame for the delay in dealing with this situation. He added that if the authorities had the footage sooner, they might have arrested the suspect earlier.

Sexual Exploitation Is a Topic of Protest at the Indian Youth Congress

The BBC has contacted the Manipur police via email and phone to ask them questions. But I haven’t heard anything back from them yet.

According to the complaint, the two survivors were a woman, 21, and a man, 42, who were part of a group of five that included the young woman’s father and brother.

When did this begin in Manipur, and why? A video from India depicts conflict rape being used as a weapon. The group left the northeastern state bordering Myanmar because of the ongoing ethnic violence. The Meitei and Kuki tribal groups have not communicated with one another in decades because of their fighting. Thirty-one individuals have been murdered, and sixty thousand have been displaced. Men from the Meitei sect attacked the Kukis in the video, who identified themselves as survivors.

On July 20, 2023, members of the Indian Youth Congress demonstrated in Delhi to protest the sexual exploitation of women in Manipur. After the women’s village had been attacked and burned down by “a mob of about 800 to 1,000 men, many of them armed” early on in the battle, they were ambushed on their way to safety.

a women with her child

A Horrific Crime Video that Has Gone Viral in Manipur

Despite being liberated by the police, they said they were “snatched by the violent mob” and forced to strip naked.

The 21-year-old “was brutally gang-raped in broad daylight,” and the men “were brutally slain,” as stated in the lawsuit. Another woman was forced to strip, although not shown in the video.

On Wednesday, a disturbing video showing two women being viciously abused while they cried, groaned, and begged their assailants for compassion went viral on the Internet.

Among others who expressed their displeasure was India’s Chief Justice, DY Chandrachud, who said the Supreme Court was “deeply disturbed over the video” and threatened the government with “action if you don’t.” For the past two days, opposition MPs have been disrupting parliament to force a vote on the issue.

The public’s reaction brought the horrible crime to light and hastened the government’s response.

Boy resembles as rapist image

Extremely high rates of murder and mayhem in one Indian state
The smoldering ruins of India’s war-torn villages
Also breaking his silence on the happenings in Manipur was Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said, “No guilty will be spared” because this incident “shamed India.” Following the initial arrest, the chief minister of Manipur, Biren Singh, also called for the death penalty.

However, government critics argue that the public’s trust in law enforcement has been damaged by the lengthy delay in filing charges despite the incident being reported to police nearly two months ago.

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